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Weekly Makeup Bag wk 4 Wet n Wild edition

dsc00361This weeks Makeup Bag is going to focus on Wet n Wild. I wanted to focus on one brand and see what treasures I could find from this extremely budget friendly brand.

Primer: Coverall Primer Base De Teint. This was very moisturising but that was it. It didn’t help the foundation last & definitely didn’t minimise pores. Wouldn’t repurchase.

Foundation: Coverall cream foundation in 815 Fair & 817 Light. Full review Here. Spoiler alert 🚨 I wouldn’t repurchase.

Concealer: Coverall liquid concealer wand in light This was awful on me, it made my undereye look all scaley and didn’t cover the few hormonal spots I’ve got going on at the moment. Would NOT recommend! Wouldn’t repurchase.

Powder: Coverall pressed powder in fair This was fine, I’ll throw it in my handbag and use it as a touch up powder during the day. Wouldn’t repurchase. 


Bronzer / Contour: Megaglo contouring palette in Dulce De Leche This actually wasn’t half bad. More a Bronzer than contour in my opinion as it is quite warm toned but as a bronzer it’s fine. I swapped out the regular powder for this banana type powder and really enjoyed it. It’s very finely milled and doesn’t look cakey under the eyes. Would repurchase.

Highlight: Geometric Highlighting Powder & Megaglo Highlight Goldbar. Of the two of these I much prefer the gold bar. It performs like a much higher end product. I can’t wait for the summer to really play with this. I had to scrub the geometric with a toothbrush to get the top layer off & get some colour payoff but it still wasn’t great TBH. Would repurchase goldbar, wouldn’t repurchase geometric.

Blush: Coloricon Apri-cot in the middle, Berry Shimmer, Pearlescent Pink I love all these blushes , great colour payoff and long lasting Would repurchase. 


Eyeshadow Primer: Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer. Idoleyes in Pixie & Envy Idoleyes were very poor quality, hard to blend and don’t last. The primer was hard to work with, you have to be quick cause it sets very fast and once it’s does it grabs to everything and bunches up if you try to do anything with it. If you do get it on though it does hold on to Shadow all day. I have very sensitive eyelids and need a thick barrier between my lids and any shadow with shimmer / glitter in. This wasn’t thick enough for purpose for me . Wouldn’t repurchase.

Eyeshadow: Coloricon in Petal Pusher & Poster child. Coloricon Loose Pigments in Kungfu Lightning, Dom & Cherry on Top, Heart of Rose Gold. These are all good but the pigments are the star of the show. Really beautiful and perform like high end Would repurchase.

Liner: Megaliner Liquid Liner this bled something fierce, took ages to dry so smudged everywhere and stung my eyes Wouldn’t repurchase.

Mascara: Max Volume Plus Waterproof This was one of the stars of the show. I had no expectations what so ever. It held a curl all day , made my lashes look gorgeous and barely smudged by end of day. I’m so picky when it comes to mascara but this is a favorite. My only gripe is the packaging started peeling straight away 100% Would Repurchase.


Brows: Ultimate Brow Kit in Ash Brown, Mega Clear Brow & Lash Mascara, Brow Highlighter in highlight of my life. The brow kit is great, I didn’t think the mascara was doing any thing until I realised my brows were staying put all day and they weren’t a bit crunchy. And the pencil wasn’t great, it pretty much disappeared. So brow kit and mascara would repurchase  & pencil wouldn’t repurchase.


Lip liner: Coloricon in Fab Fuchsia absolutely outstanding lip liner , not too firm not too soft juuuuuuuuust right. 100% Would repurchase.

Lipstick: Megalast Pastel Pink Princess this was a tad light for me but over the darker liner it created nice dimension, nice and creamy with a nearly Matte finish. Would Repurchase

Lipgloss: Megaslicks Lipgloss in Rasp-Berry Voice. A really nice gloss , not too gloopy or sticky and nicely pigmented. Would repurchase .

In summary: The eyes, lips & blush products were hits the rest were pretty much misses. 

Have you used many Wet n wild products?  Do you rate them or not? Have I missed out on a hidden gem ? Let me know in the comments. 


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