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Friday’s Foundation Fixation : Wet N Wild Coverall edition


The foundation that I tried for the last week is the extremely affordable, @ €4.95 ,  Wet N Wild Coverall foundation.

I chose the two palest colours in 815 Fair & 817 Light. Fair was a tad too light & Light was NOT light! I mixed in a bit of the darker colour & this worked out pretty well match wise.
I mean seriously, how can you call the colour on the right Light!  The fair colour is quite neutral toned , not too pink or yellow which is nice and it is a good colour for fair skinned folk who struggle at the drugstore to get very light shades.
This has a very thick consistency & can be built into quite a high coverage foundation which can topple into cakey very easily!

Day 1:

I used the Wet N Wild Primer underneath. Tried to use a stipple brush to apply but this was disastrous! It was so streaky & wouldn’t sink into my skin at all! I switched to a buffing brush & this applied it better.

I put the Wet N Wild coverall powder over top & finished it with a spritz of Urban Decay All Nighter as I do with all my makeup.

Half way through the day I looked a sight!!! It was AWFUL!!! I had pores on my nose that I wouldn’t normally see with a magnifying glass. It broke done completely on my T-Zone & the rest of face face looked so cakey. Just not a good look overall.

Day 2:

I changed my primer to the one from The Ordinary.

This improved the appearance of my overall makeup hugely. The pores were gone & it lasted much better. It did eventually break down towards the end of the day & there was some cakeage still going on in areas.

I had been sick this week with a cold so my skin was not at it’s finest, it was definitely grabbing on to dry patches, which was odd. Surely it should be oily & break down or too dry & grab onto dry patches, not both??!!

Day 3:

The same as day 2.

Day 4:

I switched out my brush for a damp miracle complexion sponge. This improved application so much & it definitely worked much better.

I also switched out the Coverall powder for the powder from the Megaglo Contour Palette. It definitely helped with cake face!

Day 5:

Because my skin had been so dry & blah I had exfoliated my skin, done a moisturising face mask & used Trilogy Rosehip Oil on my skin the night before.

I used my buffing brush to apply & used my sponge to blend it in & on day 5 I finally got what I needed. Someone complementing me on my makeup. But I think it was just too much work to get to this point.

My finally  thoughts are this; If you were away for a weekend somewhere & horror of horrors forgot your makeup & you didn’t want to spend a fortune on a replacement this would do in a pinch. Or if you’re a student & you need to spend your money on baked beans & those cheap beers from Lidl then this would do the trick! At €4.95 its hard to go wrong but to be fair for an extra €5 you could get a much superior product. I doubt I’ll be reaching for this again anytime soon.

Have you tried this or any other foundations from Wet n Wild? Did you have better luck than me?? Let me what you think of it 🙂





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