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Tools to apply the war paint! Real Techniques edition.

Up to a few years ago I had about 5 brushes that were about 10 years old! I may have gone a bit cracked and lost the plot purchasing new ones but shur there you go!

So the first brand I went crazy on and bought nearly everything they sold was :

Real Techniques.

Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Buffing Brush, Multi-Task Brush, Expert Face Brush, Stippling Brush

I love the face brushes from this brand. They are so affordable, soft & fluffy, easy to wash & sturdy. They are so multitasking & user friendly.

Sculpting Brush, Contour Brush, Setting Brush, Essential Foundation Brush, Fan Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Detailer Brush

The top three brushes from this picture are great but the rest I wouldn’t be so bothered with. The fan brush in particular is too flimsy for purpose in my opinion. The flat foundation/ concealer brushes are too stiff for me and leave my foundation streaky.

Deluxe Crease, Domed Shadow, Base Shadow, Accent, Brow, Fine Liner, Lash Brow Groomer

I enjoy these products for concealer & cream eyeshadows. Not so much for regular powder shadows for some reason. The middle three I’m not so keen on. The lash brow groomer is really good. So often with these style of brushes the head inevitably comes off. But this is stuck solid!

200 Oval Shadow, 201 Pointed Crease, 202 Angled Liner

The bold metal collection , though beautiful to look at, are way over priced and not worth it in my opinion. I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend.

Miracle Diamond Sponge, Miracle Complexion Sponge

I ❤️ these sponges. I have used the original Beauty Blender and they are extremely close. I would highly recommend these.

The pixiwoo sisters who created these brushes have two great YouTube channels. One specifically for their brushes and how to use them and one for reviewing products and giving step by step tutorials ,I really love these girls.I usually get mine here Boots where, if you keep your eye out, they can have special offers on, or direct from their site where they can have some great reductions & all brushes are available –

Do you use these brushes? If so what’s your fav. If not what is your favourite brand and where can I get them 😀


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