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The Great Debate! Which Too Faced “Chocolate” bar do you ❤️ most????

I have Chocolate in “” ‘s cause I know The Sweet Peach 🍑 palette doesn’t smell like chocolate but it’s in the same format so it’s in!

My personal favourite is the original Too Faced Choclate Bar.

It’s is the most pigmented and wearable of the bunch in my opinion. The mattes are really easy to blend. The satin finishes are beautiful. The reddish toned browns are perfect for my hazel eyes. The only one I’m not particularly taken with is strawberry bonbon which isn’t bad for a 16 pan palette. And of course it smells like chocolate!!!

My 2nd favourite is the Sweet Peach 🍑 palette.

Lookit’ I’m a woman and I’m fickle and this is all new & pretty & smells like fuzzy peach sweets! I can’t swear that this will still my second in six months time but for now I’m enjoying it and love playing with it 😊 I do think there is one too many pale shades as they are very similar & and could have been swapped out for something a bit more fun.

The next 2 are kind of neck in neck if I’m being honest.

The Semi-Sweet palette is quite cooltoned on first look but on closer inspection this can be quite neutral. And while I do like looks I create with this I feel on reflection that I definitely didn’t need both this and the original. But need rarely factors in to my makeup purchasing 😀

And bringing up the rear :

The Chocolate Bon Bons palette. I love the colours in this. But I’m afraid the pigmentation is lacking. If I spend time I can build the colours up into a lovely look, but I rarely have time. I’m usually putting my makeup on in the morning before work so need something quick and easy.

My one disappoint with all these products is that they make my eyes water something fierce! I have to put down a good thick eyeshadow primer and a pale powder (usually from my KVD Shade & Light Eye Palette) and that helps.

So. Have you tried any or all of these palettes? Do you like them? Controversially I prefer these to Urban Decay Naked Palletes 😲


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