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The hunt for the miracle mascara!

I am on a mission this year to find miracle makeup.

Whether it be a moisturiser that makes me look 10*cough 20* years younger or a mascara that gives me calf like lashes!

So I am starting with mascaras.

I have stubby straight lashes. I’ve considered false lashes, even sat down and watched 1 or 100 YouTube videos on how to fit them and felt confident I could totally pull them off. I totally can’t 😔

So my needs are as follows :

–  make my stubby lashes look longer and fuller.

– hold a curl, especially after using that old torture device the eyelash curler

– last ALL day without flaking or smudging and ending up all over my cheeks

And that’s it. Surely not too much to ask!

These are what I have tried so far:

The only one I have repurchased is the Maybelline lash sensational waterproof which is the best I have tried with a plastic wand on it.
The worst was the L’Oréal superstar false lash effect. It did nothing for me.

The ones I’m currently using are as follows:

I enjoy both the Too Faced Better Than Sex & the Essence Princess Lash for short term use. Perfect for heading out for a few hours but wouldn’t last all day.
The MAC Extended play & Clinique High Impact Curl are both tube mascaras. The Mac one is fab on the lower lashes cause the brush is so long & thin. The Clinique one wasn’t great, nothing special.

My newest addition which I’ve yet to try is :

I have high hopes 😄
What are your favourites and for that matter your hate it’s ? I’d love to know .


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